Little Goblin Bowl

Little Goblin Bowl

What You'll Need:

1 Package Staedtler FIMO Air Basic Air Drying Clay
Clear Plastic Bowl
Assorted Acrylic Paints
White Acrylic Primer
Basic Sculpting Tools
Medium Flat Paint Brush
Flat Liner Paint Brush
Medium Round Paint Brush
Medium Grit Sand Paper
Clear Semi-Gloss Sealing Spray or Varnish
White Craft Glue
Water Bowl
Paper Towels
Wax Paper

Courtesy of STAEDTLER North America
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Timel: Weekend Project

How to Make a Little Goblin Bowl

This ghostly little goblin is exactly what you need to hold your Halloween treats! You can customize the size and shape of your creature by using different sized bowls and sculpting unique features. Make sure you add plenty of creepy color.
  • 1 Sand bowl & roll out shapes Sand bowl & roll out shapes

    Sand the outside and inside of your bowl with a medium grit sandpaper. This will help the clay and paint stick to the bowl. Keep in mind that clear plastic sands better than opaque. Roll out some basic shapes with the air dry clay, keeping any unused or waiting clay well covered with a damp paper towel.

  • 2 Press clay features onto bowl

    Press the clay features onto the bowl, making sure there is no air trapped between the clay and the bowl surface. Some of the feature edges can be blended into the bowl by smoothing with a thumb or fingertip. Allow the clay to dry completely on the bowl. This could take a few days depending on the thickness of the clay and the dampness of the weather. Drying time can be sped up with a hairdryer, but be sure not to overheat the bowl or the clay. Overheating the clay can cause cracking. If cracks occur, simply fill with fresh clay and allow to dry naturally.

  • 3 Secure clay pieces & prime Secure clay pieces & prime

    After the clay is well dry, check to make sure all of the pieces are securely attached to the bowl. If they aren't, glue them down with craft glue. Coat the whole thing with 2 layers of white acrylic primer. The primer will not only help the acrylic paint stick to the bowl, but it will also help hold the clay bits on. Let the primer sit until dry.

  • 4 Paint & varnish Paint & varnish

    Paint the piece with acrylic craft paint and allow it to dry before spraying with a protective coating of clear coat varnish. Fill your Little Goblin with wrapped candy treats.