Mummy Jars

Mummy Jars

What You'll Need:

3 Mason Jars
Enamel or Multisurface Black Paint
Neon Washi Tape
Feltie Bat Stickers
Glow-in-the-Dark Paint (optional)
16 Gauge Wire
Wiggle Eyes of Choice
LED Tea Lights
Mason Jar Tea Light Holder
Foam Brushes
Glue Dots
Pencil or Dowel Rod

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Mummy Jars

These Mummy Jars will look spook-tacular on display in your home during Halloween! Make an assortment of these colorful jars and set them on your stairs, table, or shelf. You can even add some extra flair by making them glow in the dark!
  • 1 Paint jars

    Paint the inside of the jars black and let dry overnight.

  • 2 Wrap jars

    Wrap the outside of the jars with washi tape.

  • 3 Attach eyes

    Attach wiggle eyes onto the jar with glue dots.

  • 4 Manipulate wire

    Cut 36'' wire sections. Wrap the wire 2 times around the top of each jar, leaving about 12'' of wire on each end. Curl the wire around a pencil in an upwards spiral to make it look wavy, bend the ends over.

  • 5 Add bats

    Peel and stick bats to the wire ends. If desired, add glow-in-the-dark paint to the bats' eyes.

  • 6 Add light

    Insert the tea light holders inside the jars and ass a tea light.