Poison Bottle Plaque

Poison Bottle Plaque

What You'll Need:

MDF Bread Board Plaque
Wooden Laser Cut Poinson Sign
2.25" Wooden Tag
Cork Tiles
Purple Cardstock
Neutral Prints Paper Pad
Hot Glue Melter
Hot Glue Pellets
Americana® Antique Gold Paint
Multi-Surface Paint: White, Black
Ranger® Mini Distress Ink Pad Kit #6
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Sandpaper Block
X-Acto® Knife
Tape Runner
Hot Glue
Straight Edge

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Poison Bottle Plaque

A Poison Bottle Plaque is the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween Decor! This unqiue craft is a great project to advance your crafting skill while having fun as well!
  • 1 Cut & add cork

    Cut a 3" square of cork. Position and glue it onto the handle of the board. Place the board face down and trim off the excess. Cut a ½ strip of cork and glue along the bottom of the other cork. Turn the board face down and trim the sides even with the board handle. 

  • 2 Paint black

    Paint the board and the ½ cork trim black. Sand the edges of the board and ink it with the Rusty Hinge colored ink pad. 

  • 3 Make a label

    Referring to the photo, make a label using the purple cardstock and a neutral patterned sheet. Use a straight edge to tear the paper. Ink the edges and attach the label to the board.

  • 4 Paint sign white

    Paint the poison sign white. Let dry. Sand and ink the edges with the Rusty Hinge colored ink pad. Glue it onto the label. 

  • 5 Add glue pellets

    Melt the glue pellets and two to three drops of the antique gold paint in the melter. Use a craft stick to stir and pour the mixture over the top of the bottle, making the drippy look as seen in the photo. Let the glue cool. 

  • 6 Stain wooden tag

    Use a brown ink pad to stain the wooden tag. Attach it to the bottle with jute.