Spindly Spiders

Spindly Spiders

What You'll Need 

Neon Chenille Stems
Glow in the Dark Pony Beads
Monofilament or String of Choice

Courtesy of Darice® 
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes 

How to Make Spindly Spiders 

Spook everyone this Halloween with these DIY Spindly Spiders! These are easy and fun to make and are the perfect craft to make at home with your kids or at school with your students! 

  • 1 Create base for spiders

    Begin by bunching 4 chenille stems together and bending them in half. Tightly twist the section near fold several times. Separate sections to forms legs. 

  • 2 Add beads

    Slide 2 pony beads close to the body on each leg. Bend each leg 1" from bead. Slide 2 more beads to each joint. Bend legs again about 1.5" and slide on another 2 beads. 

  • 3 Attach to string

    Cut a 12" section of monofilament or string. Slide through loops and tie several times. Tie a small loop on the other end.