Superhero Cape & Mask

Superhero Cape

What You'll Need:

Poly Fleece Fabric Color of Choice
Sticky Back Foamie Sheets
Non-Sticky Back Foamie Sheets
Elastic String
Fabric Scissors
Hole Punch

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Superhero Cape & Mask

Become a Superhero with your own Cape & Mask when you make this Pat Catan's project! Pick out your favorite color of fleece and awesome foam embellishments to make a one of a kind superhero.
  • 1 Cape: Fold & trace cape

    Fold your fleece in half and trace pre-made cape template onto fleece.

  • 2 Make neck hole

    Cut neck hole at fold and attach sides with a velcro strip.

  • 3 Add shapes

    Cut fun shapes out of Foamie® Sticky Back sheets and stick them to the back of the cape.

  • 4 Wristband: Cut fleece

    Cut wrist band out of the scrap fleece using the wristband template.

  • 5 Add foamies

    Cut out shapes from Foamie® Sticky Back sheets and attach to wristband.

  • 6 Secure band

    Secure around wrists with Velcro.

  • 7 Maks: Make mask shape

    Draw and cut out shape of choice using a non-sticky back Foamie® sheet for main part of the mask.

  • 8 Punch mask holes

    Punch two holes on the side of the mask (about a centimeter in).

  • 9 Decorate mask

    Decorate your mask using sticky-back Foamie® sheets and shapes.

  • 10 Cut elastic string

    Cut a piece of elastic string, long enough to fit around your head.

  • 11 Add string to mask

    Insert each end of the string into each hole and knot the ends.