Witch Gnome

Witch Gnome

What You'll Need:

Paper Mache cone
Black Felt
Orange Fur
Wooden Bead
Orange Pom
Orange Chenille Stems
Wiggle Eyes
Spider Webbing
3-in-1 Glue
Witch Gnome Templates
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Witch Gnome

Wicked! Decorate for Halloween with a not so frightening Witch Gnome. Accessorize your cackling, but adorable witch with a black hat, a large beady nose and orange fuzzy hair.
  • 1 Cut out the witch templates

    Cut out the body, hair and hat templates. Trace the hat onto the felt and the body onto the fabric. Cut out the shapes.

  • 2 Create the witch's body

    Place the cone onto the fabric, roll and glue it in place. Tuck the extra fabric up inside the cone and glue in place.

  • 3 Add the witch's hair

    Cut a section of fur for the hair and glue it onto the cone.

  • 4 Add the witch's hat

    Glue the back seam of the felt. Fold the bottom edge up. Place the hat onto the gnome.

  • 5 Add the witch's nose

    Glue a bead nose onto the cone just under the brim of the hat.

  • 6 Create the spider

    Glue two poms together for the spider. Glue wiggle eyes onto the head. Cut a chenille stem into four 3" sections. Bend each in half and glue the centers to the bottom of the larger pom. Bend the legs and glue the spider onto the hat.

  • 7 Add webbing

    Drape some webbing over the hat.