Witch Hat Miniscape

Fall Miniscapes

What You'll Need:

Paper Mache Slanted Witch Hat
10.4" MDF Circle
Minis: Frog, Grim Reaper, Tombstone, Coffin with Lid, Witch Legs, Spooky Street Sign
Assorted Moss
Faux Rocks
Multi-Surface Paint: Black, Orange, Purple
Orange Glitter
Liquid Nails® Adhesive
Purple Moon Lights
Mod Podge®
Hot Glue
X-Acto® Knife

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Witch Hat Miniscape

Take your fairy garden skills to a new level when you make this Witch Hat Miniscape. Paint and decorate the hat with your favorite fairy garden embellishments to create a friendly decoration for Halloween!
  • 1 Witch Hat: Cut out circle

    Referring to the photo, draw a rough circular opening on the hat and cut it out with an X-Acto® knife. 

  • 2 Paint inside of hat

    Paint the inside of the hat orange, Mod Podge® and sprinkle with orange glitter. Let dry. 

  • 3 Paint outside of hat

    Paint the outside of the hat and the MDF circle purple. Let dry completely. 

  • 4 Glue pieces together

    Glue the hat to the MDF circle with Liquid Nails® adhesive. Use several clamps to hold the pieces in place. Let dry overnight. 

  • 5 Add black paint

    Dry brush black paint over the hat and edges of the circle.

  • 6 Arrange minis

    Referring to the photo, arrange and glue the minis, moss and rocks into place. 

  • 7 Add moonlights

    Add moonlights inside the hat.