DIY Reindeer Ornament

DIY Reindeer Ornament

What You'll Need 

3" Wood Circle 
2" Tan Pom 
1.5" Brown Pom
.75" Assorted Pom 
15mm Wiggle Eyes 
6mm Brown Chenille Stem 
.75" Jingle Bell of Your Choice
Rhinestones of Choice
Camel Felt 
Thin Red Ribbon 
Green Scrapbook Paper of Choice
Marvy Extra Giga 3" Scalloped Punch 
Glue Dot
Wire Cutters
3 in 1 Glue or Aleene's Super Tacky Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30-45 Minutes 

How to Make a DIY Reindeer Ornament

If you're searching for the perfect craft to make with your kids on their next snow day, the DIY Reindeer Ornament is just for you! Make them your own by choosing your favorite color rhinestones and pom noses for each ornament, and reuse your cute and crafty creations year after year! 
  • 1 Punch Wood and Paper Circles

    Use your scalloped punch to make scalloped scrapbook paper circles. Use crop-a-dile to punch wood circles. 

  • 2 Attach Circles

    Glue your scalloped circle to a wood circle. Punch a hole towards the top of the circle for hanging. 

  • 3 Glue Reindeer Head onto Circle

    Glue a tan and brown pom together for the head onto the circle. Glue on a colored nose pom and wiggle eyes. 

  • 4 Create and Attach Antlers

    Cut chenille stem into 2 1.5" and .75" sections. Twist the smaller section about halfway around the longer stem. Place some glue onto the end of the long stems and push down into top of the head for antlers. 

  • 5 Cut and Attach Ears

    Cut 2 1" leaf shapes from the camel felt. Place a dot of glue on one end of each leaf and pinch the felt together. Glue this end onto the pom on each side of the antlers. 

  • 6 Attach Bow and Bell

    Cut a 12" section of ribbon. String a bell onto the ribbon and tie ribbon in a bow; glue bow onto the circle underneath the pom. Trim ends if necessary. 

  • 7 Cut & Attach Ribbon for Hanging

    Cut an 8" section of ribbon, slide through top hole and tie for hanging.