Elf Buddy

Elf Buddy

What You'll Need:

Wood Bead
Wood Spool
Holiday Chenille Stems
Tinsel PomPom
Wiggle Eyes
Quick Dry Glue
Ribbon Trim

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 20 Minutes

How to make an Elf Buddy

This Elf Buddy ornament is the perfect, festive addition to your Christmas tree! The child-like, dancing Elf ornament will bounce up and down as it dangles on the tree branch.
  • 1 Fold chenille stem

    Fold one chenille stem in half, bend the ends over to form feet.

  • 2 Add the spool

    Slide the spool on to the bent chenille stem.

  • 3 Glue the stem

    Glue the chenille stem in the bead.

  • 4 Cut hat and collar

    Cut hat and collar from felt.

  • 5 Cut felt

    Cut a strip of felt to cover the spool and ribbon trim.

  • 6 Glue the strip

    Glue the strip around the spool.

  • 7 Fold and glue

    Fold the hat and glue the seam and place on top of the head.

  • 8 Cut, twist and bend

    Cut a chenille stem in half, twist around chenille stem between bead and spool, bend ends for hands.

  • 9 Glue collar

    Glue collar under wood bead, push the spool up to the bead and bend the legs to keep the spool up.

  • 10 Glue eyes

    Glue eyes to bead and tinsel pompom to hat.

  • 11 Attach ribbon

    Attach ribbon for hanging.