Jingle Bell Ornament

Jingle bell ornament

What You'll Need:

25 mm Bells
Twist Red/ White/ Green Chenille Stems
Thin Ribbon or Pre-Made Bow of Choice
Wire Cutters

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficuly Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Jingle Bell Ornament

Add some holiday sounds to your Christmas tree with this easy Jingle Bell Ornament project! Sit down with your kiddo, work the chenille stems, add bells and you'll have a new handmade ornament in no time!
  • 1 Cut chenille stem

    Cut 1 chenille stem in half.

  • 2 Bend chenille stem

    Bend and loop one full stem. Twist around loop several times.

  • 3 Bend half chenille stem

    Take the half stem and bend the end over the bottom center of the loop. Twist around the stem.

  • 4 Attach bells

    Attach a bell to each stem end.

  • 5 Add bow

    Add a bow to the bottom center of the loop.