Merry Mistletoe

Merry Mistletoe

What You'll Need:

3" Styrofoam Ball
Mini Christmas Greenery
Straight Pins
Quick Dry Glue
Glue Dots
Mni Bowdabra

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 25 Minutes

How to Make a Merry Mistletoe Ornament

This Merry Mistletoe Ornament is a cute way to bring the mistletoe experience to the Christmas tree! Adorned with festive colors, this ornament will surely be a hit at your next holiday gathering. 

  • 1 Tear fabric

    Tear fabric into 1" x 10" strips.

  • 2 Wrap, dip and glue

    Wrap a strip around the ball, dip a pin in glue and insert into the ball thru the overlap of the fabric strip.

  • 3 Repeat

    Repeat step 2 until the ball is covered with the fabric.

  • 4 Make a small bow

    Using the Mini Bowdabra, make a small bow for the top of the ornament (Insert the pine in the making of the bow).

  • 5 Attach the bow

    Use a couple pins and glue attach the bow to the ornament.