Patriotic DIY Shadowbox

Patriotic DIY Shadowbox

What You'll Need:

Red Stripe Paper Straws
Blue Dot Paper Straws
Red Cardstock
White Cardstock
Blue Cardstock
Nesting Rectangle Dies
Fireworks Embossing Folder
Glossy Paper
Red Alcohol Ink
Blue Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink Solvent
Silver Glitter Glue
Washington DC Sticker Pack
2 1/2" Star Punch
Patriotic Stickerz
1" Wood Spools
20mm Wood Beads
Baker's Twine
2 Silver Tinsel Chenille Stems
Red, Blue, Stars and Stripes Washi Tape
Adhesive Foam Dots
Tape Runner
Hot Glue
2 Thumbtacks
Ranger Non Stick Craft Sheet

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 3 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Patriotic DIY Shadowbox

Show off your American pride with a medley of paper crafts displayed in a patriotic shadow box! From stars and stripes, to pennant banners and paper straws, the fun project incorporates all of your paper crafting favorites.
  • 1 Trim dividers & add feet

    Remove dividers from center section of shadowbox. Trim the outside edges with red washi tape and the inside edges with blue washi tape. Glue 4 beads as feet on a long side of the box.

  • 2 Cut & glue straws

    Cut straws to fit into the left and right corner sections. Glue in place. Choose a 3D sticker, place foam dots on the backside and arrange into straws.

  • 3 Punch out stars

    Punch 2 each red and blue stars. Stack the red stars onto the blue and attach them offset with adhesive foam dots. Add a star sticker to the center of the stars.

  • 4 Arrange stars in bottom center

    Stack several foam dots on the back of the stars and place in corner sections.Stack several foam dots on the back of star Stickerz and arrange in bottom center.

  • 5 Cut glossy paper

    Cut a 4" x 6" section of glossy paper.

  • 6 Swirl inks on paper

    Place several drops of red and blue alcohol ink onto a non-stick craft sheet. Squirt some of the solvent onto the sheet near the inks. Place paper glossy side down onto the inks and twist paper. Lift up. If needed add more ink onto the paper.

  • 7 Emboss & embellish

    Place paper into fireworks embossing folder and run through Cuttlebug machine. Outline embossed lines with glitter glue. Let dry completely.

  • 8 Secure paper in top center

    Trim paper to fit into top center opening. Use a tape runner to attach.

  • 9 Die cut & attach rectangles

    Die cut red, white and blue cardstock with the 3 largest rectangle dies. Cut each in half lengthwise. Stack them with foam dots in between. Add a star sticker to the bottom center paper. Attach to front center edge of the box.

  • 10 Attach baker's twine spools

    Wrap 2 spools with baker's twine. Cut 2 tinsel stems into thirds. Curl ends and insert into spools. Arrange and glue spools to top center shelf.

  • 11 Construct & attach bunting

    Cut 3 sections of washi tape. Fold over baker's twine to make bunting. Loop and knot ends. Attach to the left side of the center section with thumb tacks.