USA Patriotic Marquee

USA Patriotic Marquee

What You'll Need:

Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters
Red, White and Blue Scrapbook Paper
Hole Punch
AAA Batteries
Marquee Love Glue 
Sponge Brushes

Courtesy of Ursula from Home Made by Carmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a USA Patriotic Marquee

School is out, the air is warm and filled with the sounds and smells of summer... Even better, the 4th of July is just around the corner and it's time to begin planning for fun of patriotic events, the excitement of thunderous firework shows, and to proudly display your love of your country. Don't forget the flags, the sparklers, and maybe a patriotic wreath or two! But how about a fun patriotic project that is so cute it fits perfectly all year round within your decor? We're talking about creating a darling USA Patriotic Marquee!
  • 1 Trace letter template Trace letter template

    Your Marquee Love kit will include a single marquee letter, string lighting, bulbs and a letter template. You'll need to purchase two AAA batteries per kit. Start by tracing the letter template onto the back of your chosen scrapbook paper. Since this is a USA marquee with a patriotic theme, you'll want to make the first letter red, the second letter white and the third letter blue.

  • 2 Angle pencil tip Angle pencil tip

    While tracing, angle the pencil tip to be as flush with the letter template as possible. The more precise your outline and cut is, the easier it will be for later steps. Be sure to trace the circles too.

  • 3 Cut tracing Cut tracing

    Cut out the tracing on the scrapbook paper. Make your cuts as precise as possible for a snug fit into the marquee.

  • 4 Punch traced holes Punch traced holes

    Use a single hole punch to punch out traced circles. The punch is smaller than the traced holes, so you will need to do an overlapped trio of punches to fill the entire space.It doesn't have to be perfectly circular, the imporant part is to stay within the traced area.

  • 5 Insert paper Insert paper

    Insert your paper cutout into the marquee letter. Do not glue it down in case you want to switch or update the paper. It may be a snug fit, but don't give up. If it still does not fit, trim the snug areas.

  • 6 Insert bulbs Insert bulbs

    Force the bulbs through the hole punched holes, turning and angling them until they fit snugly into the marquee. Don't feel the need to make the bulbs push all the way in, as long as it is snug and secure.

  • 7 Decorate sides

    If desired, cut and glue strips of scrapbook paper to decorate the outside sides. Another option is to use Marquee Love glitter or glitter tape.

  • 8 String lights String lights

    Your marquee is ready to have its light strung. Put the batteries in, then start with the light closest to the battery and work your way out. Always start at the bottom of the letter so the battery pack rests in the bottom of the marquee, otherwise one side of your letter will be top heavy and off balance. The lights are designed to accommodate different spacing in each letter.