Baby Blue Birds

Baby Blue Birds

What You'll Need:

Jumbo Brown Chenille 
1" Light Blue Poms 
7mm Wiggle Eyes 
Orange Craft Paper 
Mini Glue Dots or Tacky Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes 

How to Make Baby Blue Birds 

Brighten up your selection of spring craft projects with these blissful little Baby Blue Birds! Whether you make them with your kids at home or in your classroom, they are easy, fun to make and affordable!
  • 1 Create birds nest

    Cut a 19" section of chenille. Coil the stem to create a nest. 

  • 2 Create baby birds

    Take 3 blue poms and glue eyes onto each one. 

  • 3 Add beaks

    Cut small squares from the orange paper. Fold in half on an angle to make beaks and glue onto poms. Place birds into the nest.