Felt Bunny Egg Warmers

Felt Bunny Egg Warmers

What You'll Need:

Midnight Blue Wool Felt
Khaki Wool Felt
Wooden Egg Cups
Acrylic Paint: Steel Grey, White
6mm Solid Black Eyes
Embroidery Thread
Yarn of Choice
Small Pom Pom Maker
Small Scissors
Side Cutter Pliers
Hot Glue
Ball Point Pins


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hour per Bunny + Dry Time

How to Make Felt Bunny Egg Warmers

Hop into Easter and create these adorable Felt Bunny Egg Warmers! Craft each embroidered bunny to keep an egg warm all season long.
  • 1 Cut out bunny shapes

    Using the photo as a guide, cut out two bunny shapes from the blue felt. You can find a template here!

  • 2 Add eyes to bunny

    Cut the shank off of the back of the eyes. Glue the eyes onto each bunny shape.

  • 3 Create bunny

    Thread a needle with embroidery thread. Pin the bunny shapes together. Start at the feet and blanket stitch the edges up to the ears. make several slip stitches under the ears and then continue to blanket stitch the remaining side of the bunny. Remove the pins.

  • 4 Create bunny's tail

    Make a small pom pom using the pom pom maker. Hot glue the pom pom onto the bunny for the tail.

  • 5 Create khaki bunny

    Repeat the steps to make the khaki bunny.

  • 6 Paint the egg cups

    Pant the egg cups grey. Let dry. Dry brush the cups with white paint. Let dry.

  • 7 Warm up eggs

    Place an egg in the cup and cover with the bunny to keep it warm.