Felt Leprechaun Party Tie

Felt leprechaun party tie

What You'll Need:

Assorted Colors Felt
Black Marker
2 Beads
2 Types of Ribbon

Courtesy of Olga Tarbeeva
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

How to Make a Felt Leprechaun Party Tie

Celebrate St. Pat's in style with this adorable felt tie! Whether you're young or old, you'll be excited to wear this little leprechaun everywhere from the parade to work. Create a completely custom tie by incorporating your favorite felt colors.
  • 1 Create templates Paper templates

    Create the templates for all of the felt pieces of the tie on paper. Keep in mind the tie is about 16" in length, so scale appropriately.

  • 2 Transfer onto felt Green felt tie pattern

    Trace all of the templates on the appropriate color of felt using a black marker.

  • 3 Cut out Felt leprechaun tie pieces

    Cut out all felt pieces.

  • 4 Glue head Felt leprechaun head pieces

    Start gluing with the head using a glue designed for felt or fabric. First glue the band and buckle on the hat, then glue the hat to the head. Glue a orange felt beard to the chin.

  • 5 Add face Felt leprechaun head

    Use a black marker to draw lips and glue 2 beads as eyes.

  • 6 Outline head Felt leprechaun head

    Make an outline of the head. Transfer the outline onto felt using a black marker.

  • 7 Cut out Felt leprechaun head

    Cut out the traced felt piece. This will be the back part of the head.

  • 8 Glue ribbon Green felt tie

    Start gluing the tie. Glue ribbon first.

  • 9 Glue botton Green felt tie

    Glue the bottom accent on the tie.

  • 10 Glue belt Green felt tie

    Glue the belt on the tie.

  • 11 Glue head Felt leprechaun head

    Apply glue to the back part of the head, except on the bottom area, as shown. Glue a piece of ribbon long enough to be able to hang the tie around your neck on top of the front part of the head.

  • 12 Glue tie Felt leprechaun head

    Glue a tie between the 2 parts as shown.

  • 13 Make sack of gold Brown felt rectangle

    Let glue dry out. Meanwhile begin making a sack of gold by cutting a gold felt rectangle.

  • 14 Sew bag of gold Felt bag of gold

    Fold the rectangle in half. Sew the left and right sides, then sew across and pull thread. Fix it so there are folds.

  • 15 Attach gold sack Felt bag of gold

    Take yellow felt and cut some gold. Insert it into the sack. Pin or glue the sack onto the finished tie.