Mini Bunny Bottom

Mini Bunny Bottom
What You'll Need:
2.5" Terracotta Pot
2" Assorted Pom
1/2" White Pom
Felt: Orange, Green, Gray, Brown, Tan
Natural Shred
Quick-Grab Glue
Template for Carrot & Feet


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Mini Bunny Bottom

Oh boy...An adorable bunny is stuck digging for treats! This fluffy buddy's bottom sticks out of a small Terracotta pot as it digs through shred for an elusive, delicious carrot. This craft is easy to make and makes for a fun addition to your Easter display!
  • 1 Create bunny

    Glue 2" pom to inside edge of the pot and glue a white pom onto the 2" pom for a tail.

  • 2 Add "dirt" to pot

    Add some shred inside the pot.

  • 3 Create feet & carrot out of templates

    Trace and cut out feet and carrot from felt. Glue the feet onto the pot edge and pom.

  • 4 Create carrot

    Roll orange felt, glue the edge and press firmly together. Glue end of leaves to the top, add a bit more glue and squeeze the top of the carrot against the leaves.

  • 5 Add carrot

    Place carrot into pot.