Pins and Needles Cactus

Pins and Needles Cactus

What You'll Need:

2.5" Clay Pot
Lime Green Felt
Natural Paper Shred
Floral Foam Cubes (1.5")
Fabri-Tac Quick Dry Fabric Glue
Fabric Pins
Cactus Pattern


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Pins and Needles Cactus

We're on pins and needles with excitement for warmer weather and this not so prickly cactus will get you into the summer spirit! Design your own festive cactus with bright green felt and a not so prickly face made out of fabric pins.
  • 1 Create cactus shape

    Stack two sheets of green felt on top of each other and pin the paper cactus pattern through both sheets and cut through both layers of felt.

  • 2 Glue cactus

    Separate the two layers and run a glue line all around the outside edge of the cactus shape and stick the two layers together. Leave the very bottom flat edge of the cactus open to stuff with Poly-fil® later. Let the glue dry completely.

  • 3 Stuff cactus

    Stuff a small handful at a time of Poly-fil® into the opening at the bottom of the cactus by using the eraser end of a pencil. Gently push the stuffing up into the top of each section until it is filled.

  • 4 Add foam to pot

    Glue a floral foam cube down into the bottom of a clay pot.

  • 5 Add cactus to pot

    Glue the bottom of the stuffed cactus onto the top of the foam.

  • 6 Add shreds to pot

    Stuff paper shreds all around the base of the cactus in the pot.

  • 7 Create face

    Use the fabric pins to create a face for the cactus.