Poured Paint Canvas

Poured Paint Canvas
8" x 10" Canvas
16oz. Mason Jar
Aluminum Chafing Pan
(3) 2oz. Bottles Acrylic Paint (Different Shades of Green)
Fine Glitter (If Desired)
(3) Tablespoons of Golden Pouring Medium (1 tbsp. per paint cup)
(3) Jumbo Craft Sticks for Stirring
Plastic Cups-for paint & to raise canvas
Plastic Tablecloth
Disposable Gloves
Paper Towels
Water-per directions below

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour + Dry Time

How to Make a Poured Paint Canvas

Ready to try out a new painting trend? Create your own work of art with this Poured Paint Canvas! This project can be a bit messy so be sure to be prepared, but more importantly, have fun painting this spring-like design! Once complete, you can display this canvas in any decorative space.
  • 1 Protect work area

    This is a messy project, so cover your work surface with the plastic tablecloth to keep the area clean.

  • 2 Elevate canvas

    Using cups, elevate your canvas above the work surface in an aluminum pan.

  • 3 Mix paint

    In a disposable cup add 2 oz. desired paint, 1 tablespoon of pouring medium and enough water to make the paint the thickness of coffee creamer, stirring well so there are no lumps in the paint mixture. Do this with each color.

  • 4 Optional: Add glitter

    Glitter can be added to the pouring medium in a cup.

  • 5 Pour paint into mason jar

    Pour all paint from disposable cups into the 16oz. mason jar. Alternate colors.

  • 6 Pour paint onto canvas

    Using the mason jar, begin pouring 1 puddle of paint onto the canvas. Continue pouring, adding the glitter mixture (*optional*) into the center. Paint will pour over the edges of the canvas.

  • 7 Mix paint on canvas

    Run two fingers or a jumbo craft stick through the puddle of paint lightly mixing it together.

  • 8 Lift and tilt canvas

    Pick the canvas up and tilt the canvas to allow the paint to mix. A lot of paint will pour over the edge of the canvas.

  • 9 Allow canvas to drip & dry

    Place the canvas back on the cups in the aluminum pan and allow to drip and dry overnight.