Spring Picket Fence

Spring Picket Fence

What You'll Need:

Picket Fence
"Hello Spring" Wood Lettering
2-Ply Jute
Acrylic Paint: Coffee Bean, White, True Blue, Shrimp
Sanding Block

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour + Dry Time

How to Make a Spring Picket Fence

Hello, spring... it's here! Create your own Spring Picket Fence! Add festive lettering and display this traditional picket fence inside or outside.
  • 1 Base coat fence & lettering

    Base coat the fence and "Hello Spring" lettering with the brown paint and let dry.

  • 2 Mix & paint fence

    Mix a 3:2 ratio of the blue and white colored paints and paint the fence.

  • 3 Add white paint

    Dry brush white paint over the fence and let dry.

  • 4 Paint lettering

    Thin down the orange paint and paint the "Hello Spring" lettering. Let dry and then sand the surface. Dry brush white over the "Hello Spring" lettering.

  • 5 Cut jute

    Cut a section of 2-ply jute and tie it onto the "Hello Spring" lettering. Hang it onto the fence.