St. Patrick's Day String Art

St. Patricks Day String Art

What You'll Need:

Unfinished Wooden Plaque
Green Baker's Twine
White Americana Chalk Paint
Paint Brush
Washi Tape or Painter's Tape
Gold Leaf
Gilding Cream
Mini Nails

Courtesy of Abbey from The Cards We Drew
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make St. Patrick's Day String Art

We've found the leprechaun's gold - or at least his golf leaf! This festive shamrock shaped string art is an easy way to add a little St. Patrick's Day spirit (and maybe even some luck of the Irish!) to your home.
  • 1 Paint wooden plaque Paint Wooden Plaque

    Paint the unfinished wooden plaque using Americana white chalk paint.

  • 2 Mark top & bottom Mark top & bottom of plaque

    Once the paint is dry, use a measuring tape to measure 3" along the top and bottom of the board. Use your pencil to make marks at the top and bottom.

  • 3 Tape off stripes Tape off stripes

    Use painter's or washi tape to tape off the stripes. To make 2 thick gold lines, put the tape on the outside of where those lines will be. 

  • 4 Apply gilding cream & gold leaf Apply gilding cream and gold leaf

    Once your areas are securely taped off, use a paint brush to brush gilding cream over the large gold stripes. Add gold leaf gently on top of the gilding cream. If a spot lifts up or doesn't cover, simply take another piece of leaf and dab it over top to stick. Use about 3 sheets of leaf per stripe, and use your finger to rub the leaf into place.

  • 5 Brush off leaf Brush off leaf

    Brush off excess leaf and remove tape.

  • 6 Cut & place shamrock Cut & place shamrock

    Print and cut a shamrock image, or use a cutting machine to create one. Lay it on top of the plaque, positioned in the center.

  • 7 Hammer nails around shamrock Hammer nails around shamrock

    Gently hammer mini nails around the shamrock. Begin with the major corners of the shape and work around the edges.

  • 8 Add nails around perimeter Add nails around perimeter

    Evenly add nails around the entire perimeter of the shape.

  • 9 Tie & wrap string Tie & wrap string

    Remove the paper and begin adding string. Tie it to a nail and then wind it back and forth, up and down until the shape is complete. Tie the tail of the string onto the last nail.