Whitewashed Birdhouse

Whitewashed Birdhouse

What You'll Need:

Unfinished Wooden Birdhouse
Unfinished Wooden Candle Holder
6" x 6" Wood Wall Panel
3 Wood Cutout Circles
Wood Circle Banner Kit
Acrylic Paint: Coffee Bean, Steel Grey, White, Licorice
Sanding Block
Plastic Dabber
E-6000® Adhesive


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours + Dry Time

How to Make a Whitewashed Birdhouse

Create your own Whitewashed Birdhouse! Birds may not be singing in this classic style birdhouse, but add some paint and a stand and this will be a perfect display piece for any indoor setting.
  • 1 Stack & glue circles

    Stack and glue three circles from the banner kit. Let the glue set for several hours.

  • 2 Stack & glue three cutout circles

    Stack and glue the three wood cutout circles. Let the glue set for several hours.

  • 3 Create birdhouse stand

    Center and glue the larger circles onto the wood panel. Glue the remaining circle stack onto the center of the larger ones. Glue the candlestick on top of those. The pieces may need to be weighted down several hours until glue is set up.

  • 4 Paint & sand birdhouse

    Paint the birdhouse with the brown paint. Let dry. Paint it grey next, allowing some areas to stay brown. Let Dry. Whitewash the birdhouse. Let dry, then sand the edges and surface of the house. Use a plastic dabber to apply small amount of black paint to the edges of the house and base.

  • 5 Repeat step 4

    Repeat step 4 with the candlestick base.

  • 6 Complete birdhouse

    Glue the birdhouse to the candlestick.