Wool Felt Chick

Wool Felt Chick

What You'll Need:

Butter Wool Felt
Tangerine Felt
6mm Solid Black Eyes
Yellow Embroidery Floss
Small Scissors
Side Cutters
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour per Chick

How to Make a Wool Felt Chick

Create your own adorable Wool Felt Chicks! These little chicks will look great in any spring setting, childs room, or Easter display.
  • 1 Trace using template

    Trace the template shapes onto another piece of paper and cut them out. Position them onto the butter colored wool felt. Cut out two body pieces, two wings and one bottom piece. You can find the template here!

  • 2 Create beaks

    Cut two triangle beaks out of the tangerine felt.

  • 3 Create eyes

    Cut the shank off of the back of the two eyes. Glue an eye onto each of the body pieces for the chick.

  • 4 Glue beak

    Glue the center of the triangle beaks together.

  • 5 Create wings

    Thread the needle with yellow embroidery floss and slapstitch a wing onto each body piece.

  • 6 Create body

    Match the two body pieces together, begin slipstitching the pieces together 1" below the tail, moving around the back of the chick. Stitch around to the eyes, place the beak between the felt and continue stitching down to 1.5" below the beak.

  • 7 Fill and stitch chick

    Separate the unstitched section of the body and line it up with the edges of the bottom piece. Stitch along one side then stuff some poly-fil® into the body. Continue stitching along the bottom, stopping 1" before the end. Add some poly-fil® into the tail section. Finish stitching.