Ireland in a Mason Jar

Ireland in a Mason Jar

What You'll Need:

Glass Jar with Locking Lid
River Rocks
Mocha Aspen Wood Excelsior
Variety Pack Moss
Rust Metal Pail
Gold Seed Beads
Assorted Gold Coins
Wooden Axle Pegs
3 Piece Assorted Foamies Rainbow Glasses
Light Buttermilk Americana® Acrylic Paint
True Red Americana®  Acrylic Paint
4 Piece Brush Set
Hot Glue
Assorted Greenery and Small Flowers

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make Ireland in a Mason Jar

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by bringing Ireland home! This mason jar diorama is just like having your very own little piece of the Emerald Isle, without all the blarney. There might even be a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!
  • 1 Layer rocks

    Layer the river rocks in the bottom of the mason jar. Set a small handful aside.

  • 2 Pack excelsior

    Pack the wood excelsior flat on top of the rocks.

  • 3 Add moss

    Create a thin layer of moss for the ground.

  • 4 Secure rainbow

    Cut the rainbow from the glasses and secure it against the background of the jar.

  • 5 Arrange accessories

    Arrange the remaining stones, small bushes, leafy trees and other greenery inside the mason jar.

  • 6 Fill your pot of gold

    For the pot of gold, layer hot glue at the bottom of the pail and pour the gold seed beads on top. Layer beads until the pail is almost full, and then begin gluing the small gold coins.

  • 7 Paint the mushrooms

    For the mushrooms, paint the stem of the wooden axle with the light buttermilk acrylic paint. Paint the head of the axle using true red acrylic paint and add small dots using the light buttermilk color.

  • 8 Carefully place in jar

    Use tweezers to help place the remaining small items into the jar. Hot glue the pot of gold and mushrooms into the jar.