Leprechaun Mesh Wreath

Leprechaun Mesh Wreath
What You'll Need:

Deco Mesh
14” Wire Wreath Form
Foamie® Shamrocks: Large, Small
Plush Leprechaun Hat and Legs
Chenille Stems
Hot Glue 

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Leprechaun Mesh Wreath

Whether you're Irish or not, you can still go all out for St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate a fun time of the year by crafting your own Leprechaun Mesh Wreath. Follow these simple instructions and within an hour you'll have your own wreath!

  • 1 Attach mesh to inner wire

    Gather the end of the mesh and attach it to the inner wire on the wreath form using a chenille stem.

  • 2 Attach mesh to outer wire

    Measure out approximately 13” from where it’s attached, gather the mesh and attach it to the outer wire on the wreath form with a chenille stem. Continue in a zigzag pattern working around the wreath form, ending back in the center. Cut off the excess mesh.

  • 3 Attach legs

    Attach the legs to the back of the wreath using the chenille stems. Allow for the legs to dangle below the wreath.

  • 4 Hot glue embellishments

    Hot glue the hat to the center of the wreath and the shamrocks randomly around the outer part of the wreath, allowing for the hot glue to cool for a few seconds before attaching them to the wreath.