Stitched Felt Shamrock

Stitched and beaded felt shamrock ornament

What You'll Need:

9 1/4" x 4 3/4" Green Hard Felt
Green Embroidery Floss
Yellow Embroidery Floss
Yellow Glass Seed Beads
White Glass Seed Beads
Letter Beads
White Paper

Courtesy of Olga Tarbeeva
Approximate Time: 2 Hours
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to Make a Stitched Felt Shamrock

Some bright yellow and white stitching and glass seed beads make create an intricate Celtic pattern on a felt shamrock ornament. Add the hanging loop and hang it on a door knob, window pane or anywhere that needs a little St. Paddy's Day spirit!
  • 1 Draw shamrock Shamrock drawn on paper

    Draw a shamrock on a plain, white piece of paper. Cut it out.

  • 2 Trace Shamrock drawn on green felt

    Trace the paper shamrock onto felt.

  • 3 Cut out Green felt shamrock

    Cut out the felt shamrock. Repeat Step 2 and 3, and make another one.

  • 4 Sew ribbon Ribbon bordered green felt shamrock

    Sew ribbon around the shamrock. Use a running stitch, and make the stitches very short so they will be almost invisible on the ribbon.

  • 5 Glue letter beads Green felt shamrock with beads and ribbon

    Glue letter beads spelling out "LUCKY" to the shamrock.

  • 6 Bead around letters Stitched Felt Shamrock

    Bead around the letters by poking the needle up through the felt near the edge of the letter bead. Add 2 beads, then push them down.

  • 7 Poke needle back down Beaded green felt

    Poke the needle back down through the felt. Now there will be 2 stitched beads.

  • 8 Pull thread through Beaded green felt

    Poke the needle back through the felt so it comes out between the 2 beads. Pull the thread all the way through, then pull the needle and thread through the last bead.

  • 9 Add 2 more beads Beaded green felt

    Add 2 more beads. Repeat Steps 6 through 8 to sew these 2 beads.

  • 10 Color coordinate beads Beaded green felt

    Use white and green beads for different letters.

  • 11 Decorate with stitching Stitched green felt

    Continue decorating the shamrock with stitching and embroidery floss. Create any pattern using a simple running stitch.

  • 12 Continue stitching Stitched and beaded green felt shamrock

    Continue stitching using different colors of embroidery floss until the desired pattern is complete.

  • 13 Embellish with seed beads Stitched and beaded green felt shamrock

    Sew yellow seed beads onto the stitching on the felt shamrock.

  • 14 Glue ribbon Ribbon glued to felt

    Glue a piece of ribbon to the back of the shamrock.

  • 15 Glue shamrocks Two shamrock cutouts

    Glue the shamrock's back side and glue the 2 shamrocks together, sandwiching the ribbon loop in between.