Americana Luminary

Americana Luminary

What You'll Need:

Glue Dots®
Bakers Twine

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 10 Minutes

How to Make an Americana Luminary

Celebrate Americana and create your own Luminary! This luminary will be a perfect decoration for upcoming holiday picnics with its festive beading and large American flag. Don't forget to add the tealight to make your Luminary shine all night long!
  • 1 Prepare the flag

    Remove the flag from the stick.

  • 2 Add the flag to the jar

    Glue Dot® the flag to the outside of the jar.

  • 3 Add beads to the jar

    Wrap some twine around the rim of the jar and string the beads on the twin ends.

  • 4 Add the tealight

    Add the tealight to the jar.