Flamingo Diorama

Flamingo Diorama

What You'll Need:

12" x 12" Unfinished Shadow Box
Flamingo Riding Bike Foamies® Kit
Rhino Airplane Foamies® Kit
12" x 12" Cardstock
  -Light Blue
  -Light Green
  -Dark Green
Small Wooden Spools
TomBow® Mono Liquid Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Flamingo Diorama

Create your own Flamingo Diorama! This shadow box display will be a great addition to your summertime decorations or children's room with its adorable bike riding flamingo and rhino pilot. This craft is easy to make with Foamies® and cardstock and will be ready to display in no time!
  • 1 Assemble FoamiesĀ® kits

    Assemble the bike and airplane kits.

  • 2 Create the diorama's scene

    To create a scene inside the shadow box, glue a 12" x 12" sheet for the sky, cut two other colored sheets to fit for the ground. Glue into place.

  • 3 Create clouds

    Cut and glue some clouds into place.

  • 4 Add airplane to diorama

    Arrange and glue the airplane in the sky area.

  • 5 Create spools for bicycle

    Glue a wood spool to the back of each bicycle wheel.

  • 6 Add flamingo to diorama

    Glue the bicycle riding flamingo to the lower left corner.