Foodie Mini Canvas

Foodie Mini Canvas

What You'll Need:

Mini Canvas
Jumbo Markers
Fine Point Markers
Stash Stamps Fab Food Fun Stamps
Paper Towels

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Foodie Canvas

Satisfy your crafty appetite and decorate a Foodie Mini Canvas! Grab a mini canvas, use a fun stamp and pick colorful markers to draw your favorite tasty treat! Choose from a burger, fries, an ice cream cone and more.
  • 1 Stamp the canvas

    Choose a stamp and outline all of the edges of each raised foam section on the stamp with a marker. Press the stamp onto the surface of the mini canvas.

  • 2 Color the food image

    Use markers to color in the stamped outline image on the canvas.

  • 3 Color the background

    Color in the background around the image too, using a bright or bold complimentary color.

  • 4 Lift color off of the canvas

    If needed, use water and paper towels to lift some color off of the canvas.