Ladybug Clay Pot Planter

Ladybug Clay Pot Planter

What You'll Need:

4" Clay Saucer
4" Clay Pot
1 1/2" Wood Ball Knob
1 1/4" Wood Knobs
Red Americana Multi Surface Paint
Black Americana Multi Surface Paint
White Americana Multi Surface Paint
Small Pom Poms
26 Gauge Craft Wire
Foam Brushes

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Ladybug Clay Pot Planter

This ladybug will feel right at home with all of your other potted plants! Fill it with soil and plant a fern, flower or vegetable, or use floral foam and artificial flowers to create a summery arrangement that you can keep forever.
  • 1 Hot glue head and feet

    Hot glue the ball knob onto the saucer for the head. Glue 4 small wood knobs onto the bottom for feet.

  • 2 Paint black

    Paint a black basecoat onto the ball knob and 4 small wood knobs.

  • 3 Paint saucer

    Paint the clay saucer red. Let dry completely.

  • 4 Paint pot

    Paint the 4" pot red and trim with black.

  • 5 Paint spots

    Use a dabber to make black spots on the saucer and pot.

  • 6 Paint eyes

    Dot eyes on ball knob with white paint and then black paint.

  • 7 Add antennae

    Bend a section of wire to create antennae and attach to her with a mini glue dot, or drill 2 holes inot the head. Use a small amount of glue and push the wire ends into the holes.