Mesh Canopy Wreath

Mesh Canopy Wreath

What You'll Need:

Floral Mesh Roll
Vine Wreath
Floral Accents Foliage Garland
Silk Flowers
Bow Wire
Bling on a Roll
Wire Cutters

Courtesy of Ursula from Home Made by Carmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Mesh Canopy Wreath

As the summer fades away into fall it's time to start thinking about changing out our seasonal decor, and wreaths have always been the go-to for fall decorating. We're putting a while new spin on the wreath, and showing you how to make a stunning canopy wreath with floral mesh.
  • 1 Add foliage Wrap wreath with foliage

    Weave your foliage around the vine wreath. Depending on the size of the vine wreath you have chosen, you may require 2 foliage garlands.

  • 2 Tie in place Tie foliage in place

    Use the bow wire to tie the ends in place. Tie in place on the inside of the vine wreath so it isn't noticable.

  • 3 Push in silk flowers Push silk flowers into wreath

    Cut stems of your favorite silk flowers and add them to the vine wreath. No need to secure the flowers, if you push the stems into the wreath far enough the won't come out so easily.

  • 4 Add floral mesh canopy Add floral mesh canopy

    Roll the top ends of the floral mesh into an arrow shape and tie the tip of the arrow with some bow wire. Tie the know, but leave the extra bow wire on either side.

  • 5 Loop mesh around wreath Loop mesh around wreath

    Loop the tied floral mesh around the vine wreath starting from the inside.

  • 6 Hide under loop & secure Hide under loop & secure

    Bring it back around to the inside so it can be hidden underneath the loop you have just created. Tie it to the vine wreath securely with the extra bow wire that you left on either side of your orginal knot. Tuck the mesh ends into the wreath and cut any excess bow wire.

  • 7 Cut mesh to ceiling height

    Measure the height of the ceiling you want to hang your canopy wreath from and cut the bottom of the floral mesh to that length. Repeat this step until you have 3 evenly spaced hanging pieces of floral mesh.

  • 8 Hang your canopy Hang your canopy

    Tie bow wire to 4 evenly spaced corners of your wreath to hang. A medium sized hook in the ceiling will work to hold this lightweight canopy just fine.

  • 9 Tie with bow wire Tie with bow wire

    Just to add a little extra style, tie of a section of the floral mesh a couple feet down using bow wire.

  • 10 Hot glue Bling on a Roll Hot glue Bling on a Roll

    Hot glue the Bling on a Roll over top to hide the bow wire. Use a piece of craft paper to hold and press the bling in place when hot gluing, you don't want to burn your fingers as the glue goes through the mesh.