Papa Bear Canvas

Papa Bear Canvas

What You'll Need:

5x7 Canvas Panel
Crayola® Fabric Markers
Pom Poms
Glue Dots®
#2 Pencil

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Papa Bear Canvas

Create your own Papa Bear Canvas! Draw a papa bear and cub on a canvas and then add colorful pom poms for their fluffy tails. Don't forget to write a beary special message for dad as well! This canvas is a perfect gift for Father's Day, birthdays or any occasion and will be a great addition to his favorite space.
  • 1 Prepare template

    Rub the back of the template with a #2 pencil.

  • 2 Trace template

    Place the template pencil side down and trace the template on the canvas.

  • 3 Draw on canvas

    Using the photo as guide, draw on your canvas with the Crayola® Markers.

  • 4 Add tails

    Place a Glue Dot® on a pom and place on each bear for a tail.

  • 5 Write message

    Using a marker, write a personal message for dad on the canvas.