Retro Camper

Retro Camper

What You'll Need:

Wood Camper Birdhouse
Purple Moon Lights
Acrylic Paint: Aqua, Cream, Orange, Red, Black
Washi Tape
Baker's Twine
Masking Tape
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Retro Camper

Create your own Retro style Camper! Use colorful summertime paint, decorative washi tape, moon lights and add a pennant banner to help give it that cozy camping feel.
  • 1 Paint the camper

    Mask off the camper halfway around using tape. Paint the top of the camper cream and let dry. Reposition the masking tape and paint the bottom using the aqua color. Remove the tape.

  • 2 Paint the wheels and hitch

    Paint the wheels and the hitch area black.

  • 3 Paint the door & windows

    Paint the door red and the windows orange.

  • 4 Add the moon lights to the camper

    Use an awl to punch a hole into the bottom of the camper. Insert the lights up through the hole and tape the battery pack to the bottom of the camper.

  • 5 Add the washi tape to the camper

    Apply decorative washi tape around the camper for a border.

  • 6 Add the banner to the camper

    Cut a length of baker's twine and small triangles from cardstock to make a pennant banner. Arrange the banner onto the camper and tack in place with a glue gun.