Seahorse Mesh Wreath

Seahorse Mesh Wreath

What You'll Need:

Jute Deco Mesh
Wooden Seahorse
14" Metal Wreath Form
Beige Chenille Stems
Ribbon of Choice
Acrylic Paint of Choice
Foam Brush

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Seahorse Mesh Wreath

Dive on into Summer crafting season by adorning your front door or any space in your home with a Seahorse Mesh Wreath. Embellish your wreath with seahorses and star fish for that under the sea type of theme and within an hour, you'll have the perfect wreath for the Summer season. 
  • 1 Attach mesh to inner wire

    Gather the end of the deco mesh and attach to the inner wire on the wreath form using a chenille stem. 

  • 2 Work mesh around wreath

    Measure out approximately 13" from where it's attached, gather the mesh and attach it to the outer wire on the wreath form. Continue in a zigzag pattern, working around the wreath form, ending back in the center. Cut off the excess mesh. 

  • 3 Attach ribbon

    Attach 13" pieces of ribbon in the mesh using chenille stems. 

  • 4 Paint seahorses

    Paint seahorses, allow them to dry. 

  • 5 Hot glue seahorse & starfish

    Hot glue seahorses and starfish to the mesh wreath, allowing the hot glue to cool for a few seconds before attaching.