Seaside Shadowbox

Seaside Shadowbox

What You'll Need:

6" x 6" Wood Panels
Gel Stain in Walnut
Americana Acrylic Paint in Driftwood
Americana Acrylic Paint in Warm White
Americana Acrylic Paint in Ice Blue
Paint Brush
Wood Glue
Wood Strip
Sawtooth Hangers
Wood Letters
Faux Wood Grain Paper
Mod Podge
Seashells, Starfish, Sea Glass and Mementos
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Angie from Country Chic Cottage
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Seaside Shadowbox

Get a taste of summer all year round when you display your favorite vacation treasures in this simple Seaside Shadowbox. Use 6" square wooden panels, or choose larger or smaller ones for your project depending on how many seashells, sea glass and starfish you have to show off.
  • 1 Stain shadowbox Stain shadowbox

    Turn the wood panel to the back. Apply an even coat of gel stain to the sides. Do not stain the bottom of the shadowbox because you will be covering it with paper later. Wipe away any excess stain with a rag.

  • 2 Paint a coat of Driftwood Paint a coat of Driftwood

    Using a very dry brush with very little paint applied, brush on a thin coat of Driftwood paint. Leave some areas so thin that the walnut stain peeks through.

  • 3 Apply a coat of Warm White Apply a coat of warm white

    Again, using a very dry brush, with very little paint applied, add a layer of Warm White on top of the Driftwood. The layers underneath will be peeking through your paint.

  • 4 Attach panels Attach panels

    Turn your panels over. Apply glue in between all of the panels. Then, use your wood strip, sawed to the correct length, to hold everything together. Use nails to attach each of the 4 panels as shown. Add the sawtooth hanger while everything is upside down. Let dry completely before continuing.

  • 5 Paint letters Paint letters

    While the shadowbox dries, paint any letters you will be using in it. We painted the letters SEA with Ice Blue paint.

  • 6 Cut & dry fit paper Cut and dry fit paper

    Cut paper to size. Dry fit paper inside the shadowbox before continuing.

  • 7 Apply Mod Podge Apply Mod Podge

    Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to each panel and smooth down the paper.You may need to weigh down the paper while the decoupage dries in order for it to dry flat. Let dry completely.

  • 8 Place & glue beach treasures Place and glue beach treasures

    Place various beach treasures inside the shadowbox. Play with the placement and variety of items before adding glue, then use hot glue to secure each piece into place.