Toadstool Garden Decoration

Clay Pot Toadstool Garden Decoration

What You'll Need:

6" Clay Saucer
4" Clay Saucer
4" Clay Pot
Red Americana Multi Surface Paint
Green Americana Multi Surface Paint
Brown Americana Multi Surface Paint
White Americana Multi Surface Paint
Stencil Brushes
Foam Brushes
Sharpie Marker
Acrylic Sealer

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes (Not Including Dry Time)

How to make a Toadstool Garden Decoration

This cute little toadstool can sprout up anywhere! Use it as a garden decoration, or nestle it between your potted plants on your back patio. Wherever you decide to put it, the Americana Multi Surface Paint will withstand the elements!
  • 1 Glue pots together

    Glue pots together with E6000 to form a mushroom shape.

  • 2 Brush on sealer

    Brush on acrylic sealer and let dry completely.

  • 3 Paint pots

    Paint the top pot red, and the bottom pot white.

  • 4 Make spots

    Use stencil brushes to create white spots on the top pot, and green spots on the bottom one.

  • 5 Paint details

    Paint doors and windows.

  • 6 Outline spots

    Outline spots with a Sharpie marker.

  • 7 Seal project

    Seal your project and let it dry completely.