Autumn Candle Holder

Autumn Candle Holder

What You'll Need:

Autumn Wood Tea Light Holder
Tea Lights
Martha Stewart Crafts Paint
  -Sweet Potato
  -Chestnut Brown
Gilding Sheets
Gilding Adhesive
Foam Brush
Soft Brush
Paper Plate

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make an Autumn Candle Holder

Spruce up your festive decorations or next feast with an Autumn Candle Holder! Add fall inspired colors and tea lights to give your display a new light.
  • 1 Stain the holder

    Thin the brown paint with water and stain the holder. Let it dry.

  • 2 Reposition the holder

    Place the tea light holder on its side with "Autumn" facing up.

  • 3 Paint the holder

    Run a 3" to 4" bead of each of the three paint colors next to each other on a paper plate. Roll a brayer over the lines of paint, then roll the brayer diagonally over "Autumn" and the raised border. Roll over each section once. Let it dry. There will be areas where the stain shows through.

  • 4 Gild the holder

    Use a foam brush to randomly add gilding adhesive onto the raised border, autumn and the top of the tea light holder. Let adhesive set up. Place a gilding sheet onto the top of the holder and press and rub firmly in place. Repeat with autumn and the border. Use a soft brush to remove excess gilding.

  • 5 Add tea lights to the holder

    Place tea lights in holder. For decorative use only.