Fall Leaf Banner

Fall Leaf Banner

What You'll Need:

11" Magnetic Wooden Poster Hanger
Harvest Bounty Fall Fabric
Fall Colored Felt
Brown Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush or Damp Rag
Gold Glitter
Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Leaf Template


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make a Fall Banner

Fall has arrived! Decorate for the season and create a festive Leaf Banner. Cut fabric to create colorful leaves and attach your foliage to a pumpkin-filled backdrop. Once complete you can display this banner all season long on any door or wall!
  • 1 Stain the wooden poster

    Separate the magnetic wooden poster hanger strips and lay them magnet-side down. Thin the brown paint with water and stain the four wooden strips using a brush or damp rag. Let them dry.

  • 2 Trim the fall fabric

    Trim the fabric to 12" x 34". Fold the fabric edges over 1" and iron the folded edges.

  • 3 Create leaves

    Using the leaf pattern template, cut out about twenty-four felt leaves.

  • 4 Attach the fall fabric to the poster

    Capture and secure the top and bottom of the fabric between the poster hanger magnetic strips.

  • 5 Attach the leaves to the poster

    Arrange and glue the felt leaves onto the banner with more leaves clustered at the top of the banner and less leaves spaced apart on the lower portion of the banner fabric.

  • 6 Make the leaves sparkle

    Use glue and glitter to add some sparkle to some of the edges on the leaves.