Leaf Thanks Card

Leaf Thanks Card

What You'll Need: 

4" x 5" Card and Envelope
Leaf Die Cut
Cuttlebug® or Embossing Machine of Choice
Doodlebug® Tangerine Doily
Harvest Plaid Scrapbook Paper
Cardstock: Orange, Light Orange
Green Hemp or Floss
Doodlebug ® Birthday Girl Sprinkles
Doodlebug ® Teensy® Type Sprinkles
Glitter Glue
Paper Trimmer
Tape Runner
Foam Adhesive Dots

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Min

How to Make a Leaf Thanks Card

Looking for the perfect way to say thanks to your dinner hostess for making you that hardy meal on Thanksgiving? Nothing says thank you more than a homemade card! This Leaf Thanks Card is a simple and affordable craft for all ages!

  • 1 Trim plaid paper

    Trim plaid paper to fit the front of the card. Use the tape runner to attach the paper to the card. 

  • 2 Cut a 3" square

    Cut a 3" square from the light orange cardstock. 

  • 3 Wrap hemp around square

    Wrap the green hemp three times around the left side of the square. Glue the ends to the backside of the paper. Attach the square towards the bottom left side of the card. 

  • 4 Die cut and emboss maple leaf

    Die cut and emboss a maple leaf. Apply glitter glue over the veins. Let dry. 

  • 5 Attach doily

    Attach a doily to the upper right hand side of the square. Add foam adhesive dots to the leaf and attach it to the dolly. 

  • 6 Center "thanks" sticker

    Center "thanks" sticker about 1" from the top of the card. 

  • 7 Embellish square with sprinkles

    Embellish the square with three sprinkles of different sizes.