Thanksgiving Memory Box

Thanksgiving Memory Box

What You'll Need:

Cardboard Jewerly Box
Scrapbook Paper
Metallic Markers or Gel Pen
Tape (double sided is best)
Personal Photos (printed on cardstock - optional)


Courtesy of Ursula Carmona from Home Made by Carmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Thanksgiving Memory Box

Thanksgiving is a great holiday! Its filled with gratitude, togetherness and of course, great food!
In the spirit of the holiday, why not create a table setting that is both beautiful and meaningful? Your dinner guests will be delighted with individual place holders that share a memory and a message!
  • 1 Trace & cute paper trace box

    Start by tracing and cutting a strip of scrapbook paper that will fit inside the width of the jewelry box.


  • 2 Fold paper accordion style Thanksgiving Memory Box

    Hold the piece of scrapbook paper over the bottom of the box and fold the paper accordion style to fit within the box. 

  • 3 Write a thankful message Thanksgiving Memory Box

    Write a little message to that person and a list of things about that person you are thankful for. A metallic marker is decorative and easy to see over the designs, but a gel pen will do nicely as well!

  • 4 Add photos Thanksgiving Memory Box

    Print and cut out some personal photos to add to the accordion with double sided tape. If you don't have double sided tape, just loop the tape over itself.

  • 5 Attach accordion to box attach accordion

    Attach your accordion paper to the bottom box, and into the cover of the box using a bit of doubble sided or looped tape. 

  • 6 Decorate the box Decorate box

    Now it's time to decorate the outside! You can cut a piece of scrapbook paper to cover the top of the box, paint, or add washi tape!

  • 7 Surprise your guests! finished box

    Imagine the surprise and delight when your guests sit down to a lovely dinner table, and open their individual boxes! Your little message of gratefulness to have them in your life will warm their hearts!