Thanksgiving Pilgrim Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Napkin Rings
What You'll Need:
Cardboard Tubes Cut into 2" Pieces
Scrapbook Paper in Fall Patterns
White Cardstock
Printable Collar Pattern
Small Buttons
White String
Glue Stick

Courtesy of Darice
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make Thanksgiving Pilgrim Napkin Rings

Dress up your napkins in their Thanksgiving best when you make adorable Thanksgiving Pilgrim Napkin Rings for each place setting at your dinner table. Use a different patterned paper for each guest, or make them all match, it's up to you!
  • 1 Cover tube in scrapbook paper

    Cut the scrapbook paper into 4" x 6" wide strips, making sure it's long enough to wrap around the cardboard tube. Use glue stick to adhere the scrapbook paper to the tube. Cut slits on the excess along the top and bottom of tube and tuck inside. Glue or tape the side down if it starts to pop up.

  • 2 Cut white cardstock

    Cut the white cardstock into 6" x 3/4" strips using the provided pattern.

  • 3 Attach cardstock collar

    Use the glue stick to attach the cardstock collar around the top of the tube.

  • 4 Tie & attach bow Tie & attach bow

    Tie string into small bows and use white craft glue to attach to the collar. You'll find that a toothpick is helping for keeping glue off of your fingers while moving the bow around.

  • 5 Glue small buttons Glue small buttons

    Glue the small buttons to the front below the center of the collar.

  • 6 Let dry Let dry

    Let dry completely before using.