Turkey Leaf Magnet

Turkey Leaf Magnet

What You'll Need

Fall Leaves
2 3/4" Clothespins 
3/8" Wood Furniture Button
6 mm Wiggle Eyes
Red and Orange Felt 
Magnet Strip


Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes + Dry Time

How to Make a Turkey Leaf Magnet

Transform your office, your kid's locker or your fridge this fall with these adorable Turkey Leaf Magnets. In just a few short, simple and fun steps you will have the most festive magnets! Get started on yours today! 

  • 1 Stack Leaves

    Stack 2 leaves, one small and one large, and glue them together. 

  • 2 Attach to Clothespin

    Glue leaves onto a clothespin. 

  • 3 Add Face to Magnet

    Glue button to the center of the small leaf. Cut a small oval from red felt and a triangle beak from the orange felt. Glue eyes, wattle and beak onto button. 

  • 4 Attach Magnet Strip

    Cut a section of the magnetic strip and attach it to the clothespin.