Cupid's Arrow Wreath

Cupid's Arrow Wreath

What You'll Need:

Dowel Rod (.3125 in x 36 in)
Unfinished Wood Love
Natural 3-ply Jute
Krylon® Short Cuts Paint-Red
Red Felt Square
Polka Dot Ribbon
Foam Heart Wreath
Hot Temp Glue Gun
  -Glue Stick Size 7/16 inch
  -High Temp Glue Sticks

Courtesy of EnWreathed
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

How to Make a Cupid's Arrow Wreath

Get struck by Cupid's Arrow this Valentine's Day! EnWreathed shows us how to decorate for the holiday with a festive and simple wreath that is perfect for your front door. Find foam, jute, ribbon and more at your local Pat Catan's to get started!
  • 1 Protect work area

    Protect working area. A hot glue gun and spray paint will be used which can cause dripping to occur.

  • 2 Begin wrapping the heart

    Begin wrapping the jute around the heart, starting at the top 'V' section. Use push pins or hot glue to secure the jute to the foam.

  • 3 Continue wrapping the heart

    Continue overlapping and wrapping the jute around the foam until complete. Two rolls of jute are requried to complete the project. Pin the end of the first roll in a hidden spot on the foam. Begin wrapping with the second roll and pin to the foam when finished.

  • 4 Position the dowel rod

    Lay down the dowel rod on the top of the heart to provide a guide of where you would like the arrow to be permanently placed.

  • 5 Insert the dowel rod

    Insert the dowel rod through the foam in between the jute.

    Tip: Use a screwdriver to make a hole for the dowel. Slide the dowel rod through the outside and the inside of the foam heart.


  • 6 Cut & attach hearts

    Cut two matching hearts from the red felt. Hot glue one heart to the underside of the top dowel rod end. Glue the second heart and place it over the first heart to cover the dowel rod.

  • 7 Create the arrow's end

    Cut a 2 inch x 5 inch square of red felt. This will be used for the arrow end. Place the square at the end of the dowel rod, opposite of the hearts. The ends should match. Glue the felt with itself to the dowel rod. Once the glue dries, cut the felt up from the edge up to the dowel rod. The end result should look fringed.

  • 8 Spray paint the "Love" lettering

    Spray paint both sides of the unfinished "Love" wood sign. Allow one side to dry before painting the other side. Protect the working area for paint overspray.

    Tip: Do not hold the can too close to the wood while spraying as dripping and streaking will occur.

  • 9 Attach "Love" to the wreath

    Place the wood lettering on the bottom portion of the heart wreath base. Secure the wood lettering using jute while wrapping several times on the initial 'L' and knot on the backside. Finish securing the wood lettering by wrapping jute between the letters 'O', 'V' and 'E' as shown.

  • 10 Attach the ribbon

    Wrap the polka dot ribbon around the base at the 'V' of the heart and knot into a bow to secure. This bow will be used to hang the wreath.