DIY Wood Heart Art

DIY Wood Heart Art

What You'll Need: 

MDF Heart
Chicken Wire Shadowbox
Lipstick Red Multisurface Paint
Cardinal Red Multisurface Paint
White Multisurface Paint
Americana Stencil Jacobean Floral
Mini Laser Hearts
Walnut or Dark Brown Ink Pad
Foam Brush
Jute Twine
Paper Towels
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make DIY Wood Heart Art

Looking for the perfect post-Christmas craft? Add a little love to your home decor for Valentine's Day with this easy but elegant DIY Wood Heart Art. Grab your favorite floral stencil and get started on yours today!
  • 1 Paint frame

    Paint the frame with watered down white paint and let dry. Sand and give an antique look to painted frame with a dark brown inkpad and set aside. 

  • 2 Paint heart

    Paint the top and sides of the heart with cardinal red; add lipstick red to center area of the heart. While still wet, scrunch up a paper towel and dab all over the heart; allow paint to dry. 

  • 3 Stencil heart

    Position your stencil onto the heart and use a sponge dabber to apply small amounts of white paint over the stencil. Lift stencil up and allow paint to dry. 

  • 4 Ink edges of heart

    Wipe your dark brown ink pad over the edges of the heart; smudge with paper towel. 

  • 5 Insert heart into frame

    Lay the heart inside the frame and wrap jute around the heart and through the chicken wire 3 times. Knot the jute and trim off excess. 

  • 6 Add moss and mini hearts

    Using your hot glue gun, glue moss along the bottom of the frame. Glue a mini heart to each corner of the frame.