Valentine's Day Ribbon & Mesh Wreath

Valentine's Day Ribbon & Mesh Wreath

What You'll Need:

14" Wreath Form
1 Roll of Mesh (Red Pink Stripe Shown)
4 Each of Pick Hearts
4 Rolls of Ribbons of your choice
1 Package of White Chenille Stems

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

How to Make a Valentine's Day Ribbon & Mesh Wreath!

Create your own Valentine's Day Ribbon & Mesh Wreath! This wreath is full of vibrant hearts, red, white and pink ribbons and lots of love. Once complete, the Mesh Valentine's Wreath will look great on any door or wall decor!
  • 1 Cut chenille stems

    Cut 12 chenille stems in half.

  • 2 Secure mesh to wreath form

    Gather end of mesh and secure to a crossbar on the inside ring of the wreath form with a chenille stem.

  • 3 Pouf mesh

    Gather mesh from both sides and pouf about 6" and secure to the next crossbar. Continue around to the crossbars on the inside ring.

  • 4 Continue poufing wreath

    Make the last pouf a little bigger and secure to the center crossbar above the first. Continue making poufs and securing to the center crossbars.

  • 5 Add more poufs

    For the last row- double the lenght of the mesh, fold and tuck under; then secure to the outside ring. Make 9-10 poufs, ignoring the crossbards. The mesh should slide so that you can fill in space as needed. Secure last one onto a crossbar. *Note: Twist chenille stem on last pouf before cutting the mesh.*

  • 6 Attach chenille stem for hanging

    Determine what end will be up, then attach a chenille stem to crossbar for hanging.

  • 7 Cut ribbons

    Cut 4 different ribbons into six, 14" lengths. Dovetail the ends.

  • 8 Add ribbons to wreath

    Stack each of the 4 different ribbons; twist a chenille stem around the centers. Arrange the ribbons around the center of the wreath and tie onto crossbars. Fluff and trim as needed.

  • 9 Arrange heart picks

    Arrange the picks into the wreath. Bend the wire to secure.