Sweet Candy Embrace Raspberry Cake

Sweet candy embrace raspberry chocolate raspberry cake

What You'll Need:

9 Cups of your Favorite Chocolate Cake Mix or Recipe
Buttercream Icing Recipe
Mocha Buttercream Icing Recipe
9 oz. Light Cocoa Melting Chocolate
Fresh Raspberries, Washed and Dried
Cocoa Powder, Ground Cinnamon or Confectioners' Sugar
6" x 3" Round Pan
10" x 16" Cooling Grid
Fanci-Foil Wrap
Food-Safe Scissors
9" Angled Spatula
Waxed Paper
Plastic Ruler
14" x 20" Jumbo Aluminum Cookie sheet
Sugar Shaker or Metal Strainer

Photo and Project Courtesy of Wilton®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make a Sweet Candy Embrace Raspberry Cake

Hugged in a blanket of candy, this decadent torte is sure to indulge every palate. Make the textured candy wrap with melting chocolate for an elegant touch. Finish with fresh raspberries and a dusting of confectioners' sugar.
  • 1 Make layered cake

    Prepare batter following recipe directions, using 3" high pans. Bake and cool 3-layer cake. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Torte, layer and fill on foil-wrapped cake circle for a 5" high cake, trimming cakes and adjusting icing fill as needed.

  • 2 Ice cake

    Prepare mocha buttercream icing following recipe directions. Use spatula and icing to ice cake smooth.

  • 3 Make candy wrap

    Use scissors to cut a waxed paper strip 5" x 22". Crumple paper loosely to form creases. Re-flatten paper and place on cookie sheet. Paper will extend off sheet slightly.

    Melt light cocoa melting chocolate according to package directions. Pour melted candy onto crumpled wax paper. Use a spatula to spread melted candy evenly over the entire paper strip. Candy will be about 1/16" thick. Let candy set 2 minutes, so candy is no longer shiny or fluid, but pliable.

  • 4 Attach candy wrap

    With waxed paper side out, press candy wrap against cake side, moving along the entire length of strip to wrap around the cake. Wrap will extend about 1" above the top of the cake.

  • 5 Chill cake until firm

    Chill until firm, about 10 to 15 minutes. Carefully remove waxed paper.

  • 6 Complete cake

    Mound raspberries on top of cake. Use confectioners' sugar and sugar shaker or fine strainer to dust cake top.