Valentine Hearts

Valentine Hearts

What You'll Need:

Assorted Pony Beads
Heart Pony Beads
White Chenille Stem
Thin Ribbon

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 10 Minutes

How to Make a Valentine Heart

These Valentine Hearts are a perfect Valentine's Day craft to do with your children! Use any color they like and attach long or short ribbon to create a necklace or ornament. These can also be great in place of candy valentines for their classroom!

  • 1 Bend chenille

    Bend chenille stem in half.

  • 2 Cut ribbon

    Cut a 20" sectionf of thin ribbon. Loop and knot the ends together.

  • 3 Place ribbon

    Place ribbon, knot end, with folded section of chenille stem.

  • 4 Add beads

    Slide on a heart bead and a pony bead over the folde stem and the ribbon.

  • 5 Bend over

    Leave about 1/2" space from end and bend stem up over the pony bead.

  • 6 Bead sections

    Separate the chenille ends and bead each section with about 15 beads on each side.

  • 7 Attach ends

    Bring the 2 ends together and slide on 2 more pony beads.

  • 8 Bend over beads

    Bend the ends up over the last bead.