Valentine's Floral Tree and Vignette

Valentines Day Tree

What You'll Need:

Styrofoam Cone
Small Silk Flowers
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Spray Paint (color of choice)

Courtesy of Ursula from Homemade By Carmona
Difficulty Level:Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Min

How to Make Valentine's Floral Tree & Vignette

It's that time of year when we are reminded to do something a little extra special for our loved ones. 

Why not bring a little of the Valentine spirit into your home with a cute Valentines Day vignette? Create a lovely decorated spot where love notes, gifts, and other tokens of affection can be placed. 

I'm going to show you how to make these easy but beautiful Valentine trees for your vignette, and a give you a few ideas of other items to add to your vignette.

  • 1 Clip heads of flowers Clip heads of flowers

    Start by clipping the heads of each silk flower off by the stem. Cut them close so there is barely any stem left.

  • 2 Glue flowers to cone Glue flower to cone

    Next you'll begin gluing each flower onto your cone. Pipe a long bead of glue partway around the cone, then quickly place each flower head before the glue dries. 

  • 3 Work your way around Cover cone

    Work your way around the cone, then start a new layer just above the last row of flowers. 

  • 4 Cover cone Cover cone

    With each flower and row, be sure that you are covering any signs of the cone. It is better to slightly squeeze the flowers into one another than to have big gaps of cone showing through.

  • 5 Spray paint cone Spray paint cone

    Once you are done, simply spray paint with your color of choice (or glitter spray paint) in sweeping motions across the bottom half of your floral tree. For that ombre effect, spray longer across the bottom, and get lighter with shorter bursts the higher you go. 

  • 6 Let dry

    Allow it to dry completely before adding to your Valentine Vignette. 

  • 7 Vignette Additions Valentine's Floral Tree and Vignette

    Don't just think decor for your Valentine vignette. Make this the perfect spot for everyone to commit little acts of affection. Here are a few additional ideas for your vignette:

    • Card writing station
    • Cork or magnetic board
    • Candy grab bags