Berry Bright Winter Lantern

Berry Bright Winter Lantern

What You'll Need:

Black Metal Lantern with Battery Light
Pine Picks
Berry Picks
Burlap Ribbon
Mitten Ornaments
Gold Glitter Star Ornaments
Primitive Potpourri
Wire Cutters 
Hot Glue
Hercules Tape

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Berry Bright Winter Lantern

Shed some light with this Berry Bright Winter Lantern! The battery light in this lantern illuminates your favorite pine and berry picks, not to mention your table or mantle.
  • 1 Check batteries

    Make sure there are batteries in the lantern.

  • 2 Add burlap

    Tie burlap around the top of the candle. Cut at the desired length and secure it with hot glue.

  • 3 Arrange picks

    Spread potpourri around the base of the candle. Cut a pine sprig into small bunches, then arrange the pieces along with the berry sprigs around the base of the candle. Hot glue the mitten ornaments to the front of the candle.

  • 4 Add glitter stars

    Tie monofilament of varying lengths to the glitter star ornaments. At the opposite end, tie a knot. Put Hercules Tape in front of the knot and tape it to the top of the lantern.

  • 5 Add pine & berry embellishments

    To create finishing accents, cut the ends off of a pine spring and a berry sprig with your wire cutters and hot glue them to the top of the lantern.