Dancing Penguin

Dancing Penguin

What You'll Need:

2mm Orange Foamies
2mm White Foamies
Google Eyes
Black Cardstock
Bakers Twine
16oz Black Plastic Cup
Craft Stick
Hercules Tape

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Dancing Penguin

Create this Dancing Penguin as a fun and easy craft to do with your children. The kids will love making and playing with this penguin. Make several and have a winter puppet show with your kids!

  • 1 Cut pieces

    Trace and cut beak and feet from orange Foamie, tummy from white Foamie, and arms from black cardstock.

  • 2 Attach feet

    Cut 18" piece of jute. Tie one end to hole in the top of the feet. Tie a double knot approximately 3" up from the feet.

  • 3 Tie jute

    Thread jute through hole in top of cup, tie double knot outside of the cup to secure jute to cup.

  • 4 Tie to stick

    Tie end of jute to the center of the craft stick.

  • 5 Cut twine

    Cut two 19" pieces of bakers twine. Tie one to each end of the craft stick. Attach other end to the back of the feet. Cut 1" X 1" pieces of orange Foamies to place over the bakers twine to hold in place.

  • 6 Attach

    Attach tummy to front of the cup, beak, arms and eyes.